4.1. Proxy keywords matrix

The following list of keywords is supported. Most of them may only be used in a limited set of section types. Some of them are marked as “deprecated” because they are inherited from an old syntax which may be confusing or functionally limited, and there are new recommended keywords to replace them.
Keywords marked with “(*)” can be optionally inverted using the “no” prefix, eg. “no option contstats”. This makes sense when the option has been enabled by default and must be disabled for a specific instance. Such options may also be prefixed with “default” in order to restore default settings regardless of what has been specified in a previous “defaults” section.

keyword defaults frontend listen backend
acl - X X X
appsession - - X X
backlog X X X -
balance X - X X
bind - X X -
bind-process X X X X
block - X X X
capture cookie - X X -
capture request header - X X -
capture response header - X X -
compression X X X X
cookie X - X X
default-server X - X X
default_backend X X X -
description - X X X
disabled X X X X
dispatch - - X X
enabled X X X X
errorfile X X X X
errorloc X X X X
errorloc302 X X X X
keyword defaults frontend listen backend
errorloc303 X X X X
force-persist - X X X
fullconn X - X X
grace X X X X
hash-type X - X X
http-check disable-on-404 X - X X
http-check expect - - X X
http-check send-state X - X X
http-request - X X X
http-response - X X X
http-send-name-header - - X X
id - X X X
ignore-persist - X X X
log (*) X X X X
max-keep-alive-queue X - X X
maxconn X X X -
mode X X X X
monitor fail - X X -
monitor-net X X X -
monitor-uri X X X -
option abortonclose (*) X - X X
option accept-invalid-http-request (*) X X X -
option accept-invalid-http-response (*) X - X X
option allbackups (*) X - X X
option checkcache (*) X - X X
option clitcpka (*) X X X -
option contstats (*) X X X -
option dontlog-normal (*) X X X -
option dontlognull (*) X X X -
option forceclose (*) X X X X
keyword defaults frontend listen backend
option forwardfor X X X X
option http-keep-alive (*) X X X X
option http-no-delay (*) X X X X
option http-pretend-keepalive (*) X X X X
option http-server-close (*) X X X X
option http-tunnel (*) X X X X
option http-use-proxy-header (*) X X X -
option httpchk X - X X
option httpclose (*) X X X X
option httplog X X X X
option http_proxy (*) X X X X
option independent-streams (*) X X X X
option ldap-check X - X X
option log-health-checks (*) X - X X
option log-separate-errors (*) X X X -
option logasap (*) X X X -
option mysql-check X - X X
option pgsql-check X - X X
option nolinger (*) X X X X
option originalto X X X X
option persist (*) X - X X
option redispatch (*) X - X X
option redis-check X - X X
option smtpchk X - X X
option socket-stats (*) X X X -
option splice-auto (*) X X X X
option splice-request (*) X X X X
option splice-response (*) X X X X
option srvtcpka (*) X - X X
option ssl-hello-chk X - X X
keyword defaults frontend listen backend
option tcp-check X - X X
option tcp-smart-accept (*) X X X -
option tcp-smart-connect (*) X - X X
option tcpka X X X X
option tcplog X X X X
option transparent (*) X - X X
persist rdp-cookie X - X X
rate-limit sessions X X X -
redirect - X X X
reqadd - X X X
reqallow - X X X
reqdel - X X X
reqdeny - X X X
reqiallow - X X X
reqidel - X X X
reqideny - X X X
reqipass - X X X
reqirep - X X X
reqisetbe - X X X
reqitarpit - X X X
reqpass - X X X
reqrep - X X X
keyword defaults frontend listen backend
reqsetbe - X X X
reqtarpit - X X X
retries X - X X
rspadd - X X X
rspdel - X X X
rspdeny - X X X
rspidel - X X X
rspideny - X X X
rspirep - X X X
rsprep - X X X
server - - X X
source X - X X
stats admin - - X X
stats auth X - X X
stats enable X - X X
stats hide-version X - X X
stats http-request - - X X
stats realm X - X X
stats refresh X - X X
stats scope X - X X
stats show-desc X - X X
stats show-legends X - X X
stats show-node X - X X
stats uri X - X X
keyword defaults frontend listen backend
stick match - - X X
stick on - - X X
stick store-request - - X X
stick store-response - - X X
stick-table - - X X
tcp-check connect - - X X
tcp-check expect - - X X
tcp-check send - - X X
tcp-check send-binary - - X X
tcp-request connection - X X -
tcp-request content - X X X
tcp-request inspect-delay - X X X
tcp-response content - - X X
tcp-response inspect-delay - - X X
timeout check X - X X
timeout client X X X -
timeout client-fin X X X -
timeout connect X - X X
timeout http-keep-alive X X X X
timeout http-request X X X X
timeout queue X - X X
timeout server X - X X
timeout server-fin X - X X
timeout tarpit X X X X
timeout tunnel X - X X
unique-id-format X X X -
unique-id-header X X X -
use_backend - X X -
use-server - - X X
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