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8.6. Non-printable characters

In order not to cause trouble to log analysis tools or terminals during log consulting, non-printable characters are not sent as-is into log files, but are
converted to the two-digits hexadecimal representation of their ASCII code, prefixed by the character ‘#’.

The only characters that can be logged without being escaped are comprised between 32 and 126 (inclusive). Obviously, the escape character ‘#’ itself is also encoded to avoid any ambiguity (“#23”). It is the same for the character ‘”‘ which becomes “#22”, as well as ‘{‘, ‘|’ and ‘}’ when logging headers.

Note that the space character (‘ ‘) is not encoded in headers, which can cause issues for tools relying on space count to locate fields. A typical header containing spaces is “User-Agent”.

Last, it has been observed that some syslog daemons such as syslog-ng escape the quote (‘”‘) with a backslash (‘\’). The reverse operation can safely be performed since no quote may appear anywhere else in the logs.

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