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8.2.5. Error log format

When an incoming connection fails due to an SSL handshake or an invalid PROXY protocol header, haproxy will log the event using a shorter, fixed line format.

By default, logs are emitted at the LOG_INFO level, unless the option “log-separate-errors” is set in the backend, in which case the LOG_ERR level will be used. Connections on which no data are exchanged (eg: probes) are not logged if the “dontlognull” option is set.

The Error log format looks like this :

    >>> Dec  3 18:27:14 localhost haproxy[6103]: [03/Dec/2012:17:35:10.380] frt/f1:  Connection error during SSL handshake
Field Format Extract from the example above
1 process_name '[' pid ']:' haproxy[6103]:
2 client_ip ':' client_port
3 '[' accept_date ']' [03/Dec/2012:17:35:10.380]
4 frontend_name "/" bind_name ":" frt/f1:
5 message Connection error during SSL handshake

These fields just provide minimal information to help debugging connection failures.

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